HCG Wholesale

The key to fast weight loss has been found in the form of the HCG diet. No other diet has proven to be so effective in fast, long-term weight loss compared to the HCG diet. Thousands of people worldwide are choosing the HCG diet every week for weight loss. The massive appeal of the HCG diet has created numerous business opportunities in the form of HCG wholesale.

HCG WholesaleBefore we discuss HCG wholesaling, you should first know what the HCG diet is. If you are already aware of the HCG diet, you can skip to our HCG Wholesale section. If you do not know about the HCG, here are the basic details:

The HCG diet combines a low-calorie diet and HCG supplementation to facilitate immediate weight loss. While on the HCG diet, the user should consume no more than 500 calories per day. Due to the very restrictive diet, it is recommended users consume about 200 calories from vegetables, 200 from lean protein sources, and 100 from fruit or other healthy food items.

However, the secret to the HCG diets’ effectiveness is the HCG supplement. HCG is an incredibly powerful hormone that can provide many benefits to the body. The most common use of HCG is through HCG diet drops. HCG diet drops are cheaper, just as effective as injections, and do not have the health or side effects that injections do.

HCG diet drops are also available for wholesale purchasing, which brings us to our next section.

HCG Wholesale Basics

The high demand for HCG has opened the door to many people to make thousands of dollars by wholesale HCG. Wholesale purchasing is buying in bulk for a discounted rate and then reselling the same items later at a high price. The word “bulk” is what separates wholesaling from other forms of purchasing.

The advantage to wholesaling is that you get steeper discounts as you purchase a higher volume of HCG. So, as your business grows and your need for more HCG bottles increases, you can actually reduce your cost by ordering in higher volumes, making you more money.

Main Types of Wholesaling

There are three ways you can wholesale HCG. Most manufacturers will allow you to do one of the following methods of wholesaling:

Regular Wholesaling: Regular wholesaling is just buying another company’s product and reselling it for a higher price. It’s the easiest way to wholesale HCG and is also the least expensive method of wholesaling.

HCG Wholesale Private LabelPrivate Labeling: The label is the only difference between white labeling and regular wholesaling. The product is the same, but the label has changed to your own brand’s label. The advantage of white labeling is that it allows you to brand your product in the HCG market, which builds customer support and loyalty.

However, the ability to brand your product comes at a price. White labeling is slightly more expensive than regular wholesaling. You can pay as much as $1 more per bottle.

Custom Formulas: The third way to wholesale HCG is to create your own HCG formula. This is the most “advanced” form of wholesaling in regards to the amount of work and responsibility you have.

Custom formulation has all the advantages of white labeling plus more. Custom formulation allows you to brand your product as unique and different from other HCG products. You can attract more customers like this, which means you can make more money.

Custom formulation also allows you to wholesale your product to other HCG wholesalers. The average cost of a HCG bottle is around $5, which you can markup 20-30% and sell to other wholesalers for an easy, quick profit.

The biggest disadvantage of ordering your own custom HCG wholesale is the price. Custom HCG formulas are the most expensive way to wholesale HCG because the lab has to gather the materials needed and spend time formulating your HCG. This takes time, and time is money, which means you’ll spend more to get a custom HCG formula.

Reasons to Consider Selling HCG

For opportunistic people, it is easy to spot why HCG is a good business investment. However, if you are not sure, perhaps some of these reasons will help you understand why you should consider selling HCG:

Mass appeal: The demand for HCG has been huge for the past two years and is only going up. In fact, there is demand for HCG around the world, especially in countries like Australia, Canada, England, and the United States. Therefore, you have plenty of opportunities to sell HCG.

Wholesale HCG SuccessSupport of celebrities: When celebrities start to publically support a product or diet, demand suddenly skyrockets. Numerous celebrities have used the HCG diet including: Britney Spears, Mark Donnelly, JWOW and Snooki (Jersey Shore).

Weak competition: As of right now, most HCG sellers are concentrating their business in one geographic location. Therefore, you have the opportunity to sell in places where the competition is selling, essentially without competition. No competition means consumers will be forced to buy HCG through you, which means more sales and money.

High % of repeat buyers: Unlike other diet products, the percentage of repeat HCG buyers is incredibly high. This is because most HCG users need to lose large amounts of weight. Therefore, they go on the HCG diet a few times over a period of time, which means repeat orders for you.

High profit margins: A bottle of HCG generally costs you $4-6. The average bottle of HCG diet drops sells between $30-50, which means the profit margins are huge. In fact, not many other diet products can offer a profit margin as high as HCG can.

These are four of the main reasons why selling HCG is an excellent business opportunity that can make you a lot of money.  You cannot find as open a market as HCG right now, which is why it is the perfect time to start selling HCG.


Right now is the best time to get into the HCG market, as it is still somewhat new. However, more companies and marketers are discovering the opportunity of HCG, so it will become harder to get into soon. Those who take advantage of the opportunity right now will make a fortune selling HCG. Why don’t you become one of them by exploring the wholesale HCG services we offer for you?

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